AIM: Our fundamental aim in this department is to meet human needs or demands in order to improve quality of life.


OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the bachelors degree programme are to produce graduates who:

1. have a comprehensive understanding of biotechnology and its applications;

2. are competent in wide ranging practical skills;

3. are aware of biohazard and occupational safety issues;

4. are competent in communication and interpersonal skills;

5. possess innovative thinking, analytical skills and problem solving abilities; and

6. are aware of current issues and technological advancement in biotechnology taking into account of commercial, ethical, social and legal issues.


Having gone through the programme, students should be able to:

  • Show some basic biotechnological skills as applied to agriculture, food production, environment and medicine/drug production.

  • Understand basic biotechnological principles as applied to solving human problems

  • Explain how biotechnology can be applied in meeting the needs of their immediate societies.

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